We Consciously Apply Core Tenets Of

Product Thinking

Practices That Perfect Our

Product Thinking


No two clients are the same. Neither should be their loyalty products. So we ensure that our last mile offerings can be customized to our clients’ brand.


Using Product ideation and discoveries, we make sure that the right ideas get prioritized that deliver value to our clients while making business sense for us, and delight our end-users.


Adapting the Inverse Conway Maneuver, we ensure our Product teams are autonomous and empowered to own the end-to-end value chain from design to engineering and delivery while building memorable experiences for our end customers.


We leverage Platform-thinking to provide lego-like building blocks that allow our Client teams to compose tailor-made solutions for their respective brands

Lasting Footprints In Our Development Journey

Tavisca designs its platforms using several building blocks that join together to create a masterpiece, similar to a set of Lego blocks. Each block is a product with a specific function, helping our technical teams segregate loyalty domains into manageable components.

We create a comprehensive solution by integrating the product blocks into a customized framework unique to business requirements, crafting and delivering personalized experiences under this approach.

The integration of AWS components in our platform ensures the easy adoption of our solutions. Also, our systemized usage of data lakes, analytics, security, and monitoring ensures that the platform remains robust.

We own the design, strategy, and performance of our platforms, and with our business and technical acumen, your brand’s technology and inventory needs are in good hands. Now you can finally focus all your efforts on what is essential—your core business.