The Reflection Of Tavisca Persona

Our Culture

People Values Paint The

Core Of Our Culture

A homogenous fabric intertwined by a multitude of ideologies, perspectives, and values belonging to each of our employees.

Crafting Our Culture Dynamics The Tavisca Persona

We ensure that our culture is synonymous with the Taviscan persona,
which profoundly acknowledges that:

  • Freedom, flexibility, and ownership of work are the building blocks of success.
  • Candid and honest conversations take higher priority over delivery.
  • Opportunities for employees to pursue passions beyond the scope of their role and empower the organization in the long run.
  • Challenging the status quo as per the demand of the situation is essential for success.
  • Apology triumphs over permission.
  • Constant experimentation and continuous learning and unlearning must culminate in an individual’s growth.
  • Designation cannot be a barrier to accost an employee, and every individual must be easily approachable.
  • It is imperative to treat all with mutual respect, empathy, and humility.
  • In an organization, people think of people first irrespective of the magnitude of the achievement; eventually, it’s all about people.
  • A great organization is one that fosters a sense of togetherness and family-like culture that collaborates towards a shared vision.
  • Fun is on par with work because the former contributes immensely to our overall well-being.