What’s In The Mana Driving Us?

Mission & Values

Our Mission Statement

To be the best software company to work for in Pune

How are we achieving our mission?

Our Goals

Our Values

We believe that ‘PEOPLE’ come first.

By placing ‘People’ at the center of every activity, we ensure we function as human beings rather than mere resources in the production processes.

We are seriously passionate about our job.

Our passion and ardor generate opportunities for everyone in the organization to grow and reach their highest potential.

We believe in doing the right thing.

The way we run our operations, steadily increases the organization’s efficacy in achieving our goals and objectives.

We believe in kindness and respect for everyone, and in learning from our mistakes!

Kindness, respect, and honest communication with one another enables us to treat each person with a unique and complex set of needs, capabilities, and aspirations – all of which are essential for work and life.

We start with ‘WHY’ in everything we do.

When we start with a ‘WHY,’ we ensure that work culminates to an exciting and meaningful value to clients, stakeholders, and team members, and creates a long-lasting impact on the world at large.

We believe in challenging the status quo, and we are inclusive and transparent in our decision making.

Why? By challenging the status quo and being inclusive, we create a positive influence on the way our people relate to work and the organization.