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We Start Well By Hiring Well

People are at the center of everything we do. We, therefore, place much emphasis on hiring well, and by hiring well, we mean we look for individuals who naturally align with Tavisca’s vision, mission, and values.

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If you’re a value-driven individual looking for the next step in your professional adventure, Tavisca may be the home for you.

What makes us a great place to work is the ‘ Tavisca Experience.’ An experience that gives you the opportunity to learn, innovate and have loads of fun. Want to work on cutting-edge technologies? Our loft is filled with technology pundits churning out innovative solutions every day. A regular series of technology events, hackathons and workshops give our whiz kids the opportunity to interact with industry leaders and learn from them. Our talent acquisition mantra has always been ‘To Employ and To Develop.’

A big believer in ‘working hard, playing harder?’ Well, we couldn’t agree more. Tavisca is called many things, ‘a fun place,’ ‘a cool place,’ ‘a family’. But don’t believe us until you join us. Our loft always has room for more talented and enthusiastic folks. Come join us on our exciting journey, we’d like to call, ‘The Tavisca Experience.’

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Faces Kindling Life To Tavisca

Despite all the shifts and dynamics over the years at Tavisca, the one feature that has stood the test of time has been the 'People first' ethos. Celebrating individualities, the encouragement to have an opinion and the freedom to express oneself, has not changed, since the day one of my tenure here. The camaraderie that people share, and the dependable colleagues you can call ‘family’ are factors, I value the most here. Tavisca is all about people and I am grateful that I can call this family mine.

Mandar Mangaonkar

What sets Tavisca apart from the other organizations, is the way the Leadership here ‘walks the walk and talks the talk. ‘The core values of transparency, equality, and respect are at the centre of every decision we take, and one would find these principles embodied in various practices at Tavisca - no cubicles, treating everyone with respect and equality, the concept of sharing spoils with everyone, the innovative Rewards and Recognition programs that keep our motivation levels up, and the trust the organization has on its people! This list can go on.

Glenn Dsouza

It has been a 10-year- journey at Tavisca! From being a fresher to an influencer, it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride. Tavisca has been the right partner for me throughout my career- giving me opportunities to fly, allowing me to be vulnerable, encouraging me to learn from failures, and giving me the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds! The core values continue to remain the same, despite all the shifts, changes, and dynamics of our everyday schedule. What I value the most at Tavisca, is that we go to work every day and aspire to be a part of the solution, that has the potential to make a positive impact. Be it a colleague, client, or customer, the end goal has always been the same, Create solutions that make life better and meaningful.

Tushar Maini

Tavisca has been a fun-filled journey, with tremendous learnings, brilliant minds, and not to forget the amazing memories, that we get to make here every day! I still remember my first interview with Mahendra (Tavisca’s Ex-CEO). He was more curious to know about the role I played in a college skit, rather than technology-related questions. Nikhil Prasad, who conducted our trainings was truly inspirational as an educator and leader. When I look back today, I can only remember the fun and great times we had during our onsite visits, company events and outings. It truly has been a roller-coaster of a ride here at Tavisca!

Rohit Khalde

I’ve been at Tavisca for three years, and each day is filled with learnings, fulfilling experiences and special memories. I feel proud to be a part of an organization, whose core values are based on transparency, equality, mutual trust and integrity. Tavisca’s institutional framework encourages autonomy and empathy; and its leaders are visionaries who encourage employees to explore their true potential. A work environment that provides ample opportunities for growth, radiates positivity and is lots of fun to work and grow in – that’s how I would sum Tavisca!

Ranjna Sharma