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We Start Well By Hiring Well

People are at the center of everything we do. We, therefore, place much emphasis on hiring well, and by hiring well, we mean we look for individuals who naturally align with Tavisca’s vision, mission, and values.


YOUR Experience – Our Success

Faces Kindling Life To Tavisca

I and Tavisca have seen each other grow for more than half a decade. Tavisca quite literally has let me be whatever I wanted to be, Developer, Senior developer, Lead and now Product Analyst. I have seen Tavisca grow in size with its increasing number of people and new lavish modern offices. I have seen Tavisca move from Waterfall to Agile methodologies, from project to product mindset and from being an Indian Startup to a technology driver of a Multi-billion-dollar enterprise.
Despite the changes, 'People first' ethos has stood the test of time. Individuality, opinions and freedom to express yourself is still the same as I first walked in to the organization. The camaraderie people share and colleagues that you can call family is something I personally value the most. Tavisca is all about people and I am grateful that I can call this family mine. To more years of beings a Taviscan, Cheers!!

Mandar Mangaonkar

The biggest difference between the other companies I've seen during the last 16 odd years and Tavisca is how the Leadership 'practices' what they preach. The Core values of transparency, equality, and respect are at the center of every decision that the company takes.
This can be seen in various practices like no cubicles, no special hierarchy-wise treatment, the fully paid 5-star family retreat, monetary sharing, rewards and recognition programs, utmost trust on people and the list can go on. People's time and effort are considered an important currency and hence there is so much focus on working smart and not just hard. At Tavisca I found that the emphasis is not on Work hard - Part Harder but on encouraging people to lead balanced lives which in turn leads to, you are doing great work. During my 3 years here I have seen how we have channelized the organization's energy and taken up initiatives that are bringing us closer to achieve Mastery - Autonomy - Purpose in everything that we do. Tavisca is truly a Great Place to Work.

Glenn Dsouza

Life @ Tavisca has been wholesome, if I have to describe it in one word. Every day, you yearn to go to work and learn something new and the best part is the encouragement from your peers to grow and excel. Tavisca, as an organisation, has the crown jewel of having the best of the work cultures and I completely second that. Ofcourse you will go through your ups and downs but that is just a part and parcel of your career growth which Tavisca promotes you to have. The sense of respect amongst colleagues is commendable no matter how senior or how junior you are. Looking forward to evolve with the company in this journey!

Roop Kanwal Hans

It's been a 10-year journey with Tavisca. A ride that started as a fresher out of college all the way to a technology principal at this moment and is not yet finished. Tavisca has been the right partner for me throughout my career, giving me opportunities to fly, forgiving enough to allow me to make and in the process learn from my mistakes and an opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds.
The core values has continued to remain the same since years together, everyday in office, we try to do some work which positively impacts an individual's life, whether a colleague, client or customer.

Tushar Maini

Tavisca is a place where we can do great things, while having a great time with our colleagues who we like and respect, and all the while we know that our work is serving a unified purpose of holding our culture tight. I started my journey here with a goal to learn and contribute in the field of Human Resources and it would not have been any other company other than Tavisca to join. Right from the people friendly policies, the fun environment to its pillars of culture, the management and teams are programmed in a way that we always think of people first! It’s not a company but a mechanism to create an encouraging environment to achieve great successes! Here I am after 7 fruitful years of my career. Each year has been new learnings and new opportunities to change. I have made some wonderful friends to cherish for life, some amazing memories and fun moments to keep! I can proudly see back and say what a great journey it was! I am so happy to be associated with Tavisca a Big thank you to the founders for confirming our reason to stay here each day.

Sneha Tope

It has been a fun-filled astounding journey of learning things with brilliant people around and have lot of unforgettable memories to treasure for a lifetime! I can still remember my first interaction with Mahen (our CEO) in my interview, where he was more curious about my role played in college skit than the technology-related questions. Nikhil Prasad conducted our trainings and making everyone think that they should have joined other professions than IT!! When I think through all these years, I remember my onsite visits, all the company fun events, outings and parties which keeps adding the spices in life.

Rohit Khalde