Unfolding the Learning & Development landscape @ Tavisca

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Unfolding the Learning & Development landscape @ Tavisca

22 July, 2021

At Tavisca, we are committed to the organization’s growth and success, and this has been true to this day through our values where our employees are at the core. We take cognizance of the fact, that to stay relevant and significant the need of the hour is to provide for improved learning opportunities. Mastery begins in an environment of continuous learning and this credence has always been true of Tavisca’ s L&D culture. At Tavisca, L&D aims to bring in this focus and place an emphasis on a formalized learning process; whilst embracing innovative technology aides, methodologies, and tools that support the best in class learning experience for our employees.

This journey began in April this year, through a defined framework that formed the foundation for all L&D interventions. A monthly training calendar was introduced. Virtual learning programs were conducted using the latest communication platforms, followed by “Bite-sized Learning” nuggets that catered to the technology, behavioral and management developmental needs of our employees.

Bite-sized learning aims at ensuring maximum employee participation through precise, concise, and curated content modules. Brevity is our friend here! A read not beyond 3-5 mins, the idea is to encourage writing and reading in today’s digital age, where primarily visuals and acoustics play an important role. “Knowledge Forums” is next in our pipeline, and as we move forward with the rest of 2021, we will continue innovating with learning initiatives that provide a holistic learning and development experience for our people.

As an L&D specialist, I am keen to talk about another encouraging trend in the L&D space. Microlearning.

Microlearning is a training approach that delivers short bites of learning, each focused on a single learning objective. It sticks only to must-know pieces of information that allows for faster absorption and longer retention of the subject matter. It can be delivered through a variety of assets such as videos, infographics, quizzes, and podcasts.

Advantages are galore as microlearning can be used:

  • as one of the key modes of training delivery for some learning programs
  • before an e-Learning or virtual classroom session
  • post a virtual/classroom training as a reinforcement of key learnings
  • as standalone or as part of a blended learning approach

Let us take a look at some of the latest microlearning trends:

  1. Mobile learning facilitated microlearning – With smartphones and tablets becoming a daily commodity, mobile learning is the ideal choice for delivering just-in-time training. Mobile learning combined with microlearning will be on a steady rise in 2021.
  2. Artificial Intelligence analytics backed by adaptive learning – When LMS(Learning Management System)- backed data (user achievements, course progress, assessment attempts) is combined with a specific set of AI algorithms, adaptive learning is provisioned and a unique learning is carved for every user. New learners can repeat a training until they get it in full, while professionals can finish the course quickly, skipping the parts they already know. A combination of adaptive learning and AI-backed analytics could be a game changer for workplace education.
  3. Edutainment – Microlearning includes leaderboards, tags, badges, and a scoring system. This way, learners are not bored to death and the training becomes an exciting, memorable adventure, not a tiresome trail to trek through!
  4. Real-life simulations – Branching scenarios and real-life simulations are a major part of the microlearning evolution in 2021.
  5. Augmented Reality /Virtual Reality application in microlearning – AR/VR solution application in microlearning is a great way to cut costs and deliver precise training outcomes. According to the 2020 statistics from Market Research, the global VR market is forecasted to grow from USD 13 billion to USD 47 billion by 2025.

Wrapping up: Microlearning is not new, but it is useful and is fast becoming popular. However, it is not a replacement for in-depth courses that allow mastery over a topic.

About the Author: Divya is a passionate L&D professional at work as Head -L&D with Tavisca, a cxLoyalty Technology Platform (Division of JP Morgan Chase & Co.). Her endeavor is to advocate and promote modern workplace learning and nurturing individuals to acquire skills through the best of conventional and modern learning interventions.

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