The Coach Episode 2 – RedPill

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“Why am I here?” Sal inquired.

“You’re here because it’s your destiny,” replied the other. “Or should I say, it’s everybody’s destiny to be awake at some point in time; it’s your turn now.”

Slav: What exactly do you mean by awaken?  I’m wide awake.

Other:  Are you sure? Or do you think you are?

Slav:  I am, where is the skepticism?

Other: If that’s the case, why do I see so many question marks and worry lines on this tired face?

Slav had no response to this — an entire year flashed before his eyes with that query. He and his crew experienced painful disappointments, long working hours, and sleepless nights in the last 365 days or so.

Slav: So, is that it? I’m only here to be awakened?

Other: No, that’s a prerequisite?

Slav: For what?

Other: Being a change agent. And to bring about change, you must first accept and acknowledge the need for it.

Slav: And what is your point? Why should we take the risk? Why reinvent the wheel? Why can’t we just leave things as they are? Everything is working fine!

 Other: Is it?

Slav: I mean, we need to keep a close eye on things, and sometimes we wind up juggling way too many balls at once, and it’s the heroism of individuals who see things through. Ok, the ‘few instances’ are rather frequent….so what? We’re in good shape.

Other: There was no response; both parties took a long pause, which resulted in an unpleasant quiet.  Slave was beginning to feel uneasy with ‘The Coach’s’ penetrating glances.

 Slav: Okay, I’ll admit that not everything is perfect. We have a lot of work ahead of us. There are flaws in our processes, methods, and delivery schedules. There is room for improvement. A little more than what most people are willing to tolerate.

Other: And it’s precisely for that reason that you are here. It appears like you’ve begun to acknowledge the need for change.

Slav: Hmmm….but what happens next? What steps should be taken to bring about the change?

Other: This is the first phase. ‘To Redpill,’ is what we we’ll term this phase.

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