Tavisca Solutions: The Tech Product Brand of the Year 2017 (CIOReview)

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Tavisca Solutions: The Tech Product Brand of the Year 2017 (CIOReview)

6 Feb, 2018

Mahendra Yadav, CEO’s Perspective Published by CIOReview India:

Enabling Millions of Travel Bookings by Reducing Cost versus Capability Ratio

It’s a no brainer, but generally travel sector is in a lot of stress today. The expectation towards an experience one wants to take off on a vacation, the effort it takes to catch a flight, the value for people’s hard earned money on hotels and sight-seeing and then finally making the right decision at the right price, burdens the companies. Travel organizations are constantly faced with duality of challenges. On one side, they need to be great at customer acquisition (marketing) and retention (service and customer service), yet on other side, in today’s world, they have to be the enabler of great technology company as well. Pune based travel technology company- tavisca; aims to reduce one battle for the travel companies and act as a true partner on the technology front. The company offers travel technology or deeply engages with clients and builds a sustainable technology roadmap with teams to help their business go to market, grow and sustain over the years. In the process tavisca acts as clients extended teams.

On the technology side, user experience is greatly enhanced by performance, stability, personalization and quality of fares than just ‘look and feel’ today. On the service side, well informed and timely customer service is the key to make the user experience better. Tavisca Solutions constantly invests and improves on the tools that enable all these features of the technology and service sides ensuring clients fare as per the expectations of the consumers.

The Right Mix of Technical Fineness and Customer Service

tavisca’s early adoption of cloud and its excellence in leveraging the cloud and its services to build great technology to imbibe high availability, security, PCI compliance, performance, scalability and micro-services thereby, leveraging the travel sector. tavisca made a humble beginning from being bootstrapped with a few lakhs of rupees and a 500 sq. ft. office to becoming the recipient of Magellan Award 2015 & 16 and TravelMole –ITB Asia Pacific Awards for the year 2016 & 2017. Starting in a thin environment of venture capital from a B2B technology business, the company now with its technology empowers 4.8 million travel bookings in 2017. The start of product licensing and professional services in 2009 gave the company the breakthrough that harbored people-oriented culture.

With the travel sector rapidly adopting cloud, the high end travel technologies offered on a platform and a utilization based ‘pricing model’ is succeeding more than the closed ended travel technologies. Tavisca Solutions integrates technologies into a platform and proffers products in a targeted value proposition. The company’s recently launched a product- OneConnect, an award winning API documentation that bagged the ‘Best of Show’ Award. OneConnect offers clients a well-defined value and engages other technology companies to add to it at ease. Believing in the notion that the clients are always right when it comes to their business model, tavisca engages with clients before building products to clearly understand the needs to be solved.

“tavisca engages with clients before building products to clearly understand the needs to be solved”CEO- Tavisca Solutions

The company on the other side works upon pricing strategies. An increased consciousness of brand value of customers, the need of delivering travel booking experience has moved a notch ahead. Tavisca Solutions meets high performance with equal attention on security, stability, performance while being within the radar of competitive price through a lot of supply side ingredients. This requires a bigger addressable strategy where a larger market structure will bring in better prices. Yet the other side of brand enhancement is equally important retaining the existing and attracting new clients. This other side of brand enhancement requires 3 very vital features:

  • Technology excellence – tavisca’s early adoption and excellence in leveraging the cloud and other technologies have driven in high availability and security. Being one of the few Advanced Partners of AWS, tavisca remains agile and cost effective.
  • Talent – One of the important aspects of this sector, besides technology is need of the right talent for this ever changing and competitive business vertical. Tavisca Solutions scales an organization of about 300 people in a single business vertical.
  • Product focus – tavisca ensures effective and customized technology to businesses with all required features based upon wider experience of diverse customers and markets.

The Travel Experience-Technology and Beyond

The Travel Experience -Technology and Beyond since the GDS systems, there had been hardly a success story of a travel product being obvious and essential choice for every travel organization in the world. In this pursuit, tavisca is constantly chasing this unmet goal of creating a product which can be subjected to mass market in travel. With its products, the company is all set to fulfill that goal and retain client relationships with their oldest clients associated even after 10 years.

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