Tavisca Solutions Celebrates 9th Foundation Day

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Tavisca Solutions Celebrates 9th Foundation Day

5 JUL, 2017

The Foundation Day remains the highlight of tavisca’s social calendar each year, where the team gets together to celebrate past & ongoing endeavors of the company. The most enthusiastic time of the year was back again… as taviscans let their hair down to celebrate 9 glorious years of successful travails on June 19, 2017 at the Westin, Pune.

For nearly a month, there was widespread excitement about the Foundation Day party, where the entire team along with their families came together for an exciting night of fun, frolic, great food and dancing. The thoughtfully planned arrangements ensured that  everyone enjoyed themselves to the fullest, throughout the event.

Tavisca Turned 9 amid Joyous Celebrations

While walking into the beautifully decorated banquet hall in Westin, Pune, the mesmerizing ambience lifted the spirits and resonated with the jubilant frame of mind of the team. The party commenced at 7 p.m. with the traditional lighting of lamp, which was followed by a cake-cutting ceremony to mark tavisca’s completion of 9 amazing years.


Mahendra Yadav, former CEO of Tavisca Solutions, addressed the whole team and their families, thanking them for their contributions and urging them to enjoy the moment. He spoke about how recently their additional office space became operational on the 6th floor of their Pune’s office building. A video capturing the various stages of transit to the new facility was played as he spoke, gripping all team members with nostalgia.

A hilarious one-on-one with Hemant Bhatt, former Co-Founder of Tavisca Solutions, followed soon after. Laced with his signature wit, his discourse took everyone back and forth the memory lane and left everyone in splits.

Rewards & Recognition at the Annual Day Party

The Annual Day was also seen as a great opportunity to recognize and acknowledge outstanding contributions by team. The Rewards & Recognition Ceremony was one of the most anticipated moments of the evening, for which several team members were nominated in each category.

The exciting categories of the Rewards & Recognition Ceremony included:

  • The Whiz Kid – Outstanding Taviscan with Bright Beginnings
  • The Stalwarts – Outstanding Taviscan – Behind the Scene
  • The Alchemist – Outstanding Taviscan in Business Analysis
  • The Beacon – Outstanding Taviscan in Leading Team
  • The Pioneers – Outstanding Taviscan for Technical Impact

These awards lifted the spirits of everyone around, and kept the momentum going during the entire event.

Taviscans Unleashed Their Creative Talents


The high points of the event were the exciting internal performances by team members. There were singing performances by melodious taviscans, which elicited appreciative responses from audiences. Some taviscans also unleashed their sense of humor and histrionics with an engaging skit, while others turned wordsmiths with witty proses in the poetry session.


Skilled taviscans displayed their dancing skills with classical, salsa and freestyle dance performances. The enthusiastic group dance performance and the groovy numbers played by the DJ impelled everyone to hit the dance floor, sway and party harder.


The delicious aroma of food filled the entire venue, as guests savored delectable snacks and dinner. It was a delight to see each one at the event having a good time, and enjoying hearty laughs throughout. The entire vibe of the party resonated with tavisca’s fun company culture, where everyone enjoys equality and freedom to do what they love the most.

The memories of an amazing Foundation Day celebrations would forever be etched in the minds of taviscans, as they look forward to repeat past successes with greater fervor. Did you attend tavisca’s 9th Foundation Day? If yes, we’d love to know your experiences through your comments.

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