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5 AUG, 2013

A visit to “Maher” arranged by Tavisca Solutions
Far removed from the glamorous world of travel that Tavisca serves, is the world of “Maher”, an orphanage and a shelter for destitute women where more than 730 children and 250 women are given refuge and care.
At Tavisca, our social responsibility has always been a vital process of our company’s actions and we encourage a positive impact through its activities on our environment and the community around us.
Team “PRAYAS”, the CSR group of Tavisca, recently spent some time with the gifted and spirited people of “Maher Ashram”

Maher aims at enhancing the capabilities of orphaned children and destitute women with a view to facilitate their life-long rehabilitation and to bring about the general advancement of the under privileged in our society.
Our Prayas team of 13 members visited Maher home in Wadgaonsheri, Pune. This center of Maher houses around 95 children and 5 women.

Before visiting this home, employees of Tavisca provided stationary/toys/books for children. Many employees also donated funds for Maher.

On 26th July, the team form Tavisca visited Maher and met Sister Lucy who is the founder of Maher. For Sr.Lucy, Maher is just not an organization, it’s a home to all those children and women, who have been abused and traumatized. It is a sanctum of care, security and hope for these children and women. It was really inspiring for us from Tavisca to meet Sr. Lucy in person.

Prayas team handed over the humble contribution from Tavisca which she accepted with an open heart and a warm wish of gratitude.

This made us understand the depth of the spirit of Maher, which says “Is God so small to be possessed by one religion?”

Our team was welcomed by children at Maher with a heart touching song. This song also emphasized the vision of Maher where each person is welcomed as an angel to their home.
The children of Maher are lively and interacted very enthusiastically, performed a dance, played music, and told stories to our Prayas team.

Vishal, one of our employees, entertained the children with his beautiful mouthorgan performance, on which all the children clapped and danced merrily.

Each house in Maher embodies the spirit of caring for each other; the destitute women who receive shelter at Maher look after the orphans and raise them as their own children.
Tavisca’s team realized that these children are very talented, some can write their own songs, compose them as well as sing them, someone is a talented choreographer while someone else is a budding painter.

There was a truth, transparency and fairness in that interaction, we felt as if we knew these children for a long time.The time arrived when we had to leave, these children bid us good bye with a beautiful farewell song and the memory of these children and Maher, will remain with us forever.
“No matter who we are we should walk together towards wholeness. Everyone in this society should have the opportunity for a decent life, dignity and happiness irrespective of caste, gender or religion”

This message from Maher is worth spreading. Maher would welcome your help. Visit:

For any queries please contact:

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