How can travel managers keep their T&E costs down?

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How can travel managers keep their T&E costs down?

14 MAR, 2013

The constant challenge in front of corporate travel managers is to cut travel spending and bring in more value for every dollar spent!

Make the executives take a multi stop flight; put them at a destination for more time to generate more ROI or look at other alternatives available, there are various routes that can be taken by a corporate travel manager. The job was not ever easy anyways!

If only the travel manager had complete idea about the cost trend indicating spending leakages, they could do a lot more to plug them right away.

Here’s an answer to that problem. In a study commissioned by Amadeus, Hermes Consulting has come up with an extensive report about what a corporate travel manager could do to cut the costs without harming the core business objective.

Link to the article : Attention all travel managers: Save up to 23% in T&E costs 

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