Flavour of the Day, The Final Shuttle #Day4

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12 MAY, 2015

To sum up our entire experience in one word at the ATM would be EVENTFUL. The first couple of days were busy; the next couple of days weren’t any different either. The evenings were comparatively easy going and we got to catch our breath finally.

In a jiffy, we realized responsive web UI that is scalable to mobile is one of the basic requirement that everyone asks for. Saudi Arabia and UAE dominated the market with their fresh, thorough and young insights. As pointed out before, the Middle East is a comparatively young market but booming with potential as the ideas and insights that they impart are extremely enthusiastic.

Print media, among others, were commonly used as people would want to look at your business cards, brochures, pamphlets, etc. Electronic media was also present, but I guess, the age old print dominated and took over any other media.

The overall experience was exhilarating. We are thrilled to see and meet the big collars of the industry, whose ideas might be the accelerating factor to this industry. Every year we ride this bandwagon and each time we take off with expectations of our own which is met and sometimes exceeded. All throughout it was an exceptional ride.

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